Show # 6 with Dane Conover of Trees

Encore Encore! Dane Conover of Trees, 2/11/10!

Join me and Dane Conover of Trees (Sleep Convention) for an entertaining interview that explores his background, groundbreaking 80’s synthpop music and his contemporary project Popgems. Don’t just listen meet Dane (9pm PST show) and his wife and musical partner Marisa (6pm PST show) on the station’s chat board. The show airs 2/11/10 at 6 and 9pm PST on

Get tuned up for the event with two new Popgem songs and videos, Flat Earth Theory and Acid Flowers and Fun.

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Another New Gem From Popgems!

Enjoy the pop mastery of Popgems! Dane and Marisa Conover continue to please.

New Song and Video by Popgems

Popgems is the project of Dane and Marisa Conover. Here is their new offering Acid Flowers and Fun. Dane and Marisa are close friends to World of Noise so give us a hand spreading the news of their great new song.

Listen to my interview with Dane Conover (Trees) here.

Marisa Conover was the co-host of my 1st Anniversary show. Read Marisa’s bio and listen to the show here.

Listen to World of Noise with Dane Conover, streaming on demand

We’re uploading World of Noise audio archives to for you to enjoy on demand!

Learn more about Dane Conover, Trees and Popgems here.


1 11:00 AM Trees

2 No Stranger Trees

3 Wildwood Trees

4 Giant Bug (Excerpt) Dane Conover

5 Time’s Encomium (Excerpt) Charles Wuorinen

6 Fear The Ventures

7 Telstar The Tornados

8 I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) The Electric Prunes

9 Mechanical Beat The Puppies

10 California Popgems

11 Sweet On You Popgems

12 Flaming Pink Floyd

13 Red Car Trees

14 11:00 Am (Original, unreleased version) Trees

15 Pandora Dane Conover

16 Devil On A String Dane Conover

Doug Lynner’s World of Noise #6 – 2/12/09 at 6pm pacific time

Join me and my special guest Dane Conover of Trees on Flashback Alternatives, Thursday 2/12/09 at 6pm pacific time. Dane and Doug will be chatting with listeners on the Tag Board ( during the show. For help signing into the Tag Board, click the “Help” link at the bottom of the Tag Board box in the left column.

Here are some links to information about Dane Conover and the music we will be hearing.

About Dane Conover

The Popgems page – Popgems is the ongoing music project of Dane Conover and his wife Marisa.
Dane on NPR (regarding the RPM Challenge)
The RPM Challange – write and record an album in one month! Dane won last years contest!
Trees and Popgems on YouTube – Have fun!
Trees bio
Sleep Convention review in Trouser Press

About his influences

The RCA Mark II Music Synthesizer
Time’s Encomium by Charles Wourinen
Dominic Frontiere
(The) Ventures in Space
The Tornados
Joe Meek
The Electric Prunes

Doug Lynner’s World of Noise repeats 2/12/09 at 9pm pacific, and, 2/14/09 at 6am pacific time.

Dane Conover of the ’80s Band “Trees” Joins Doug Lynner

The critically acclaimed band Trees was pretty much a one-man-band but oh what a band it was! Join me when, that one man, Dane Conover shares his musical influences and how they led to the Sleep Convention album and beyond.

Ira Robbins of Trouser Press couldn’t praise the Sleep Convention album enough: He said, “That this album died the commercial death is not just incomprehensible, it’s criminal.

Join Doug and Dane Feb. 12, 2009 at 6pm and 9pm Pacific time on on Doug Lynner’s World of Noise.