L.A. Daze – 6/9/11 on World of Noise

Join me at 6 & 9pm PDT (9pm & midnight EDT) for a selection of home grown music from the greater Los Angeles area from the 50s through the 90s. It’s all bands from the L.A. area for a special take on what makes L.A.’s music scene so important.

To Tune In: Select a stream from the “Tune In” menu at the top left of the station’s web page (http://www.flashbackalternatives.com).
To Chat: First click in the “name” box on the chat board at http://www.flashbackalternatives.com and enter the name you want to use. Then click the “profile” link and register your name with a password. You can then enter a message and click “Go” to post. Click “profile” again to log out or to log in on your next visit.
Thanks for listening!

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