Join Me For My 3rd Anniversary Show!

This month’s show is called Goodbye Solar System, So Long Universe and uses the current difficulties in manned space exploration as a backdrop for an evening of great music about the planets and space travel. And it’s my 3rd anniversary too!

Join me at 6 & 9pm PST (9pm & midnight EST) on 10/13/11 at Flashback Alternatives to listen to the show and also come by and join me on the chat board.

To Tune In: Select a stream from the “Tune In” menu at the top left of the station’s web page (

To Chat: First click in the “name” box on the chat board at and enter the name you want to use. Then click the “profile” link and register your name with a password. You can then enter a message and click “Go” to post. Click “profile” again to log out or to log in on your next visit.

Thanks for listening!

PS All of my past shows can be listened to at will at right here. Just choose a show from the left hand column.

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