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World of Noise Now on iPhone, iPod and iPad!

You can now listen to Doug Lynner’s World of Noise on your favorite Apple mobile device. Just click on the iPhone on the show player and it will take you to the App page. Happy listening!!

Modern Love

Isn’t modern love a wonderful thing?

Segway Seduction

Interview (with me)

I will be interviewed on the internet radio show “80s A to Z” Wednesday, March 24th. The show airs from 9 to midnight EST on Not Just Another Jukebox radio. I will be on the chat board during the show too.

The show focuses on my influences, Invisible Zoo music and stories, and, the Mirwais remix from the newly rereleased Moebius synthpunk cover of Light My Fire. It is only available in Europe and Asia at this time so it is a must listen!

I hope you can listen in and visit with me and other listeners on the chat board.

Dear Saucer People – Welcome to Urth!

Moebius album cover

One of my past synthesizer bands, Moebius, received a wonderful review of the song “Urth” from our first album, “Moebius.” Here it is, from the Mutant Sounds Blog comment by The Saucer People

“My gods, I was here a few hours ago, that was about a dozen music blogs ago until I landed on one with the ‘Urth’ track..I thought initially it was going to be the illustration genius and sometime musical collaborator so I was pleasently suprised to discover a whole new ‘Moebius’. If the Urth track is anything to go by then I am in for a sonic treat of the highest proportions; they have everything, etheral synths, chugging analog fat bass lines, treated vocals and space related themes and to top it all it was made over thirty years ago, its jawdropping that nothing in the cosmic disco arena of today transcends it.

“Finally, isn’t it great when you get a post from a musician and far from asking you to take it down, they tell you they are happy for you to post it. It seems the younger and older generation of musicians get that a collection of MP3’s isn’t the album just as the map is never the territory and more prosaically, the menu is not the meal.”

“In his post I read that they had released a few records and it would be fascinating to track down more Moebius!”

Many thanks to The Saucer People!

More Moebius news!
Though more than 30 years old, the Moebius catalog is still quite active. The German label Kompost Records has licensed “Urth” for its upcoming compilation release, Elaste Vol. 3. The project is soon to be released on vinyl and CD.

England’s Light Sound Dark has licensed our hit, a synthpunk cover of “Light My Fire,” also from the first Moebius album. The project is oriented to the dance market and an excellent remix of the track by Mirwais will be included.

Due out later this year is a completely remastered release of the first Moebius album under the direction of myself and the record’s Executive Producer, Bob Heinlein. Many fun extras are planned!

Listen To This!
Hear the Moebius song “Money” on Doug Lynner’s World of Noise radio show, “Sequencers.”

Hear the Moebius song “Moebius” on Doug Lynner’s World of Noise radio show, “Ostinato and Phasing.”

Bryce Robbley and I were the founding members of Moebius and an earlier synthesizer band, LEM. Hear the LEM song “She Was a Visitor” on Doug Lynner’s World of Noise radio show, “Music Synthesis and Music Concrete.”


Doug Lynner, aka SynthesizerMan

Another New Gem From Popgems!

Enjoy the pop mastery of Popgems! Dane and Marisa Conover continue to please.

New Song and Video by Popgems

Popgems is the project of Dane and Marisa Conover. Here is their new offering Acid Flowers and Fun. Dane and Marisa are close friends to World of Noise so give us a hand spreading the news of their great new song.

Listen to my interview with Dane Conover (Trees) here.

Marisa Conover was the co-host of my 1st Anniversary show. Read Marisa’s bio and listen to the show here.