Show #29 Interview With Norman Bedard (Iceberg)

Interview with Norman Bedard (Norman Iceberg) Now Streaming For Free


Be My Human Tonight (Sexchange Mix) Norman Iceberg

Kiss The Beauty (Video Mix) Norman Iceberg

Crawl (Alternative Version) Norman Iceberg

We Act Norman Iceberg

1+1=2 Norman Iceberg

Space (Radio Edit) Norman Bedard

Space (zak b Remix) Norman Bedard

Vital Norman Bedard

Be Happy Norman Bedard

Sleepytime (Radio Edit) Norman Bedard

Sleepytime (Sonotina) Norman Bedard

Sleepytime (Kiss The Beauty Remix)Norman Bedard

I Love Norman Bedard

Interview with Norman Bedard (Iceberg) on the next World of Noise Show

Join us on 2/10/11 at 6 & 9pm PST, 9pm & midnight EST, on Flashback Alternatives, an Internet radio station.

It’s going to be a great show. To get the maximum enjoyment, join Norman and I on the station chat board during the first show.

To stir your interest here is a bit from Wikipedia:
Norman Bedard's Sleepytime “A graphic artist turned performance artist, Norman Iceberg emerged from the Montreal underground music scene in the early-80s. One of a handful of gender-bending new wave artists to come out following the success of artists like Duran Duran, Boy George, and Gary Numan, Iceberg was recruited by music producer Tony Green, responsible for France Joli’s 1979 disco hit Come To Me.

Norman Iceberg’s experimental, minimal electro sound was therefore remodeled to cater to the dance club scene as evident on his debut, Be My Human Tonight (RCA). Person(a), released in 1987, was a conceptual collection of synthpop songs reflecting a young man’s own vision of life, and featuring keyboardists such as Lenny Pinkas (Men Without Hats), Mario Spezza (Rational Youth) and Mic Lussier. The cover photograph of him posing nude – pre-dating Prince’s Lovesexy by several months – stirred up controversy.”

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