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Criminal World Metro

America In My Head Metro

Mono Messiah Metro

Criminal World David Bowie

Baby’s In The Mountain Peter Godwin

Young Pleasure Peter Godwin (Dance Mix)

Images of Heaven Peter Godwin

Cruel Heart Peter Godwin

Dirty City Steve Winwood

Raging Sea Steve Winwood

Skin Nuevo

Sunset Rise Nuevo

And I Will Follow Nuevo

Window Shopping Peter Godwin

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Here is the link to support Peter Godwin’s efforts to have his solo catalog released and made available for remixing, etc.

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Nuevo (Peter Godwin’s current band)

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Meet Peter Godwin on the World of Noise 4/14/11

Peter Godwin – 4/14/11 at 6 & 9pm PDT/9pm & midnight EDT

Join me for a career long interview show with Peter Godwin covering his journey through the musical landscapes of the mid 70s through today. Included are Metro, the band that wrote “Criminal World,” 80s hits like “Baby’s in the Mountains” and “Images of Heaven,” Peter’s collaboration with Steve Winwood on the Nine Lives album, and, his new band, Nuevo, with collaborator Johnson Somerset.

Peter will be joining me on the chat board for the first show. Come and talk to us!

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