Doug Lynner’s Discography

Artist Name Side 1 Side 2 (if applicable) Lable(s) ID Numbers Year Format
The Boat The Boat Goin’ Home She Was Gone Kaymar Records K2958A K2958b 1969 Vinyl, 45rpm 7″ single
LEM Machines Robots In Heat Scat Cat Kitty Wavefront Records WF101 1977 LP
I Wonder She Was a Visitor
Drone Zone Cyborgs
Primal Machine Headstone
Various LASERDISC RECORDS Introduction (Larry Burrell) LASERDISC RECORDS Demo 1979 1 sided LP
Through The Looking Glass (Phyllis St. James)
Moebius (Moebius)
Floating On Magic (Phyllis St. James)
Moebius Moebius Light My Fire Urth Moonwind Records MW33801 1979 LP
Money Moebius Plastic Poison PP-1400 1979 LP
Clone Zone Mirror Of Infinity Voom Voom Music VMV22101 1980 LP
Prophecy Song For Lya Flarenasch 723 618 1980 LP
Flarenasch, WEA Filipacchi Music 723 618 1980 LP, Promo
(Renamed Mirror of Infinity) (Born on a Saturday Night replaced Clone Zone) X Records 6.2456 1981 LP
Moebius Light My Fire Light My Fire Song For Lya Voom Voom Records VMV 608 1980 Vinyl, 7″ single
Moebius Born On A Saturday Night Born On A Saturday Night Song For Lya Flarenasch 721.642 1981 Vinyl, 7″ Single
Moebius Born On A Saturday Night Born On A Saturday Night Prophecy X Records 721 642 1981 Vinyl, 7″ Single
Moebius Video Soldier In A Radio War Main Contender Pushing Too Hard Moonwind Records MW 33802 1982 LP
Video Soldier Living in Lost Angeles X Records 6.25167 AP 1982 LP
Fallin’ in Love Hote Nite
I Need a Job
Invisible Zoo Invisible Zoo Synthesizer Man Unfamiliar Feeling Vanity Records VAN 3033p 1983 Vinyl, EP, Cassette
Intimidation Nighttime
Nobody’s Girl
Invisible Zoo Nighttime Nighttime (extended Mix) Synthesizerman (Extended Mix) Vanity Records VAN 30358 1984 Vinyl, 12″ Single
Invisible Zoo In This Zoo In This Zoo FAV Records 2007 Download
I’m In Love With Your Sister
Season of Silence
Inanimate Object
Doo Wah Diddy
Talk Talk
Think About It
Love Museum
Unfamiliar Feeling – Extended Mix
Nighttime – Extended Mix
How Can I Be Sure
Various Echoes From Our Past Flat Flat (Dada Di Musica) After Image (The Higher Primates) Anna Logue Records ANNA 009.2007 2007 LP
Danger Boy (Jeff Walton) DNA (Vex)
Mondmadchen (Boys Du Severe) How Can I be Sure (Invisible Zoo)
Shed Your Skin (Informatics) After Darkness (Solitaire)
Foreign Eye (Valek – 1) Please Don’t Kiss (Gilded Youth)
Own World (Bernd Kunze)
Various Elaste Vol. 3 Urth (Moebius) Compost Records CPT 347-1 / CPT 347-2 / CPT347-4 2010 2-LP / CD / Download
Moebius Light My Fire Light My Fire – Light Sounds Dark Maxi Version Light My Fire – Mirwais Remix Light Sounds Dark LSD001 2010 Vinyl, 12″ Single, CD, Download
Synoiz Darkling Darkling (Doug Lynner’s Los Gatos Mix) Synoiz SYN009 2012 Download
Various Doomsday & Brimstone Premonition – Are You Dreaming (Doug Lynner Sound For Good Records 2012 Download
Various Space Rock: The Compilation Child’s March To Lament (Doug Lynner) Sound For Good Records 2012 Download
Various ROBOTS! Zane Gort – Robot Writer Sound For Good Records 2013 Download

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